Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Everyday users take to the web to find their next plumber, doctor, restaurant, mechanic or other service provider.  10% of those clicks will go to users paying a per click basis, the rest will go to business that have optimized their site properly for SEO – and most businesses don’t do that.

What is SEO:
When a user does a search, Google will rank those businesses based on what they think is the most relevant, and most important.  When we optimize your site, we make sure you have all the right information on your website, and have everything in the right place so that Google will rank your site as high as possible.

Our Approach:
We begin our SEO engagements with a detailed SEO audit that looks at all of the factors that will determine where you rank.  We perform an in-depth analysis of your website, understanding the page construction, site structure and hierarchy, technical factors, site speed and use of keywords.  We analyze all the potential keywords, looking not only at your site today, but the keywords of your nearby competitors and websites all across the country engaged in the same business.  Finally, we analyze where your site ranks today across the many zip codes in your area, to understand the strengths and weaknesses, and to create a benchmark for future growth.

One our hallmarks is our transparency and communication. We pull this SEO audit together, and present it to you, with the goal of improving your understanding of your website, SEO and the our engagement.  Out focus is on building a solid foundation on your site, using time tested techniques that will keep your site in good graces of Google for years to come.

Our emphasis on fixing what is broken, and stabilizing the foundation of the site.  Once the site foundation is fixed, we can typically move to a lower cost maintenance plan that allows you to decrease your investment, yet still have the value of an expert working on your site’s SEO.

Results you can see

At ThunderBurst we work to educate you on our process and how SEO works and provide unprecedented levels of transparency into our efforts. Part of that transparency and education is displaying our results in a clear, transparent way

Unique to ThunderBurst is our color coded keyword/zip code ranking chart.  This chart shows where a business ranks in Google search, for a particular keyword, in a particular zip code.  This comprehensive chart helps us to understand where the business ranks today, and where we need to make improvements.  This also provides a simple, easy to read benchmark that can be used to measure our success.

Our Process

Monitoring, Communication, Transparency, Education


We start with a proposal to assess the needs - does this site need SEO and can we help them?



We want to know about your goals, your pains, and we want to hear your words exactly. The words that customers use are so important in SEO, that hearing directly from the client is vital to success


Comprehensive SEO Audit

We present a comprehensive review of your site, and all of it's strengths and weaknesses and key needs for SEO success



We implement the plan that we created in the SEO audit, and begin making changes on your site directly, or through the clients team


Measurement and Optimization

SEO is a process whereby we make changes and see how Google reacts. We monitor the results and make changes to continually improve

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